China Energy Ningxia Coal Industry Group
boosts efficiency of bills and capital management

Company profile

China Energy Ningxia Coal Industry Group Co., Ltd. (China Energy Ningxia Coal Industry Group) was established on 18 January 2006, specialising in coal and coal-to-oil chemical industry. Its business scope covers deep processing and comprehensive utilisation of coal, mechanical manufacturing and maintenance, energy engineering construction, etc. In 2018, its production of coal and coal-to-oil products was 67.9 million tons and 9.6 million tons respectively.


China Energy Ningxia Coal Industry Group’s monthly output of bills and capital has been very high, accounting for 80% of the bills, in which paper bills take up the vast majority. The manual and decentralised collection of bills can no longer address the requirement of high-efficiency work, resulting in unclear approval procedures for bill receipt, release and processing, long circulation time, and inability to monitor the circulation of bills.


In accordance with the business characteristics of the existing bill management of China Energy Ningxia Coal Industry Group, PCCW Solutions implemented a unified bill management system, capable of standardising and upgrading the overall management model, its critical processes and framework of the bill business. The innovative solution integrated the online and offline management processes of acceptance bills, while the system regulates the online bill management processes, efficiently controlling the circulation of offline paper bills.

Value created

The solution enabled China Energy Ningxia Coal Industry Group to standardise and systemise the bill management, enhance efficiency and reduce management costs and human errors. The solution not only strengthened the capital risk control, but also provided first-hand information for real-time decision making in capital management.


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