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Headphone Manufacturer - Cloud-based Global Track-and-Trace Platform


A headphone manufacturer based in US has multiple sales channels and resellers worldwide. To improve its operational efficiency, the company set up a regional office in Hong Kong and required an effective system to manage its supply chain activities and contract manufacturers in China. The headphone manufacturer subscribed the cloud-based track-and-trace services since March 2012.


Its contract manufacturers affixed 2D barcode label on each product package and each of its supply chain parties can simply utilise a barcode handheld scanner to capture and share the product movement information. With the global traceability platform, information on the logistics all the way from production floor, warehouse to retail outlets can be accessed in real time.

The track-and-trace platform improves supply chain collaboration and visibility by enabling users to track:

  • What the item is
  • Where the item is located
  • Why the item is at certain location
  • Where it came from and where it is going to

Value created

By using the track-and-trace platform, the manufacturer can visualise the logistic flow of products throughout the entire supply chain, from the production plants in China, logistics providers to the retail outlets worldwide in US, Europe and Asia, ensuring the products are delivered to the worldwide resellers on time to quickly respond to the changing market demand.

In addition, the cloud-based platform requires no extra investment in IT infrastructure at any stage, which allows the manufacturer to increase its operational efficiency and ensure the supply of products to the resellers to be cost-effective.


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