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Collezione Wine Cellars: RFID-enabled Logistics Management System


Collezione Wine Cellars (Collezione) is a subsidiary of Hanison Construction Holding Ltd (listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd in Jan 02, Stock Code: 0896). Collezione is a newly established business and is located in Shatin.


Collezione wants to provide exceptional customer experience at minimal cost in terms of flexibility, responsiveness, accuracy and security. They would like to resolve risks of mixing wine members stored in the shop, as well as risks of loss of wine and goodwill.


Collezione implements Logistics Management Solution, which applies EPC for unique identification of customers’ wine, and RFID tag on each bottle of wine and camera for image capturing. RFID security door gate is also deployed to ensure no unauthorised ‘check-out’.

Value created

The solution has enhanced accuracy and security of wine handling, while minimising investing costs by applying reusable RFID tags. There is also an improved efficiency on item searching from 30 minutes to 1 minute.