Financial Services

Dah Sing Bank: Service-oriented Architecture


To meet growing market requirements and the bank's increasing customer base, Dah Sing Bank (DSB) has deployed a state-of-the-art extensible Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) platform. The new Enterprise Middleware System (EMS) is based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). PCCW Solutions is responsible for the overall project management, implementation and quality assurance of this new platform.

When we decided to replace our CORBA middle tier, we chose PCCW Solutions as our application-outsourcing partner because of their expertise in this arena. By engaging PCCW Solutions to build our Service Oriented Architecture, they saved us years of hard work to gain insights of the technology by leveraging what they had learned already.

Thomas Ng

General Manager for ITDah Sing Bank


By building SOA-based infrastructure, DSB will enable different computing platforms using different sets of standard to interact, simplifying and speeding up product time-to-market. It will support the consolidation of two different technologies and skills sets from DSB and MEVAS bank.

By reusing available components and leveraging standards-based architecture, the bank will save on cost of business process improvement, and achieve quality through standardisation. Because SOA can upgrade a service without taking down the system, DSB foresees overall system availability improvement. And since all traffic goes through SOA, the bank can generate consolidated view of customer activity which will serve as its basis for service and relationship enhancement.

Value created

The team is confident that SOA will provide the bank a new paradigm in banking system to help unified infrastructure, enhance flexibility, maximise business values and increase competitiveness. Simplified application development means minimised system development cost and risk. It also empowers the IT team to develop system features that may be difficult to accomplish using conventional architectures. With more efficient IT operation and support, the bank can free up resources to further support the growth and development of new revenue generating services.