Public Sector

OGCIO: e-Government Infrastructure Services


The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) launched the new e-Government Infrastructure Services (EGIS) common platform in 2013.

The new EGIS offers innovative web application hosting service. Coupled with cloud technology and centrally-managed information technology infrastructure, it provides a convenient, fast and efficient service platform for government departments.


As we all know, building major infrastructure is very challenging, and establishing the EGIS is no exception. This challenging project was undertaken by PCCW Solutions.

PCCW Solutions provided professional project management and quality assurance services for the EGIS. Both the OGCIO and PCCW Solutions have been attaching great importance to this project.

To achieve fruitful results in a short time, the synergy between the two parties is the key to success. Since the launch of the new EGIS platform, we have been receiving positive feedback on the service from various departments.


Currently, up to 160 e-Government services are delivered through the EGIS platform, covering every major facet of life, such as: submission of information for registration of birth, application for HKSAR Passport, Labour Department's Interactive Employment Service, eTAX (filing of tax return), making appointment for giving a Notice of Intended Marriage, booking for driving test and renewal of vehicle licence, etc. All these services are closely related to our daily lives.

Furthermore, the EGIS also offers online payment services for government departments. Last year, more than 3 million e-payment transactions were carried out via the EGIS platform.

Value created

In this digital era, a reliable and secure web application hosting platform is crucial to developing citizen-centric e-Government services. Moreover, it can further enhance the operational efficiency of government services and provide better services to the public.

Hosting capacity of the new platform can be increased in a timely manner. PCCW Solutions will provide round-the-clock monitoring and support services. It is a flexible, reliable and secure system hosting platform for the government departments providing e-Government services.