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Genius Auto Finance Company - Retail Credit System


Genius Auto Finance Company was established in August 2015. It is a joint venture company owned by Geely Automobile Holdings Limited and BNP Paribas Personal Finance with headquarters in Shanghai, China. Genius Auto Finance provides professional auto financial products and services in the China market, which include providing financing solutions for dealers’ auto procurement and operational needs (i.e. wholesale financing) and providing financing services to consumers for auto purchase (i.e. retail financing).


Genius Auto Finance is a foreign-funded enterprise with international presence. In order to provide auto financing services to consumers during their purchase with dealers, Genius Auto Finance requires a retail credit system to meet its operational needs and prevent financial risk.


PCCW Solutions, a renowned IT solutions provider for financial services industry in China, has supported several leading auto corporations to develop and implement auto financial system in recent years. The retail credit system developed for Genius Auto Finance is an advanced version based on previous development in terms of business model, business process, project specification, etc. This innovation system again demonstrates PCCW Solutions’ rich expertise and experience in providing IT solutions to the auto finance industry.

Value created

The retail credit system enables Genius Auto Finance to deliver a more secure, professional and convenient one-stop service experience of auto finance, at the same time, enhances dealers’ operational efficiency and maximise revenue.


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