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Hongta Securities Limited - Security Management Solutions


Hongta Securities Ltd. has 11 operating divisions. Its company headquarters and operating divisions rely on a virtual private network (VPN) for internal communication, while communication between online security business and headquarters is achieved via leased circuit to ChinaNet. Staff use ADSL dial up for Internet access.

Hongta Securities is expanding its network to support business growth, and network security has become a major focus. Hongta counted on PCCW Solutions' network resources, security technologies and services to deploy a full array of professional security solutions.


The key challenges for Hongta Securities were:

  • Protect the network proactively
  • Identify and fix the security loopholes in the whole network
  • Increase the defensive ability against unauthorized intrusion
  • Protect against virus attack
  • Protect the security of data transmission
  • Firewall - protects against direct attack from Internet and control access to the network
  • Virus protection - protects against virus attacks for gateway, emails and host computers
  • Intrusion detection - immediately detects network loopholes and illegal attacks from Internet. This supplements the more reactive protection performed by the firewall
  • Identity authentication - effectively blocks out unauthorized usage and controls resources for authorized usage
  • Network management - monitors network status
  • Recovery services - provides 24x7 response services, which include rapid shut down of network after intrusion, intrusion analysis, deletion of damaged or illegal documents after attack, operation resumption and security strategy review

Value created

Hongta Securities can now safeguard its network and platform, critical data and applications with the best IT security technologies and experience from PCCW Solutions.