PCCW Group drives HR transformation with SAP SuccessFactors

Company profile

PCCW Limited is a global company headquartered in Hong Kong which holds interests in telecommunications, media, IT solutions, property development and investment, and other businesses.


With operations becoming increasingly global, PCCW Limited sought a data-driven HR system to enable business agility and effectively engage with over 22,800 employees worldwide. The HR information resides in disperse systems, with difficulties to conduct HR analytics. PCCW Limited required effective tools to enable informed decision-making, improve process efficiency and employee experience.

PCCW Solutions has demonstrated professionalism and excellence in implementing SAP SuccessFactors for the Group, enabling efficient HR workflows and informed decision-making for our worldwide workforce, helping us respond quickly and effectively to support our managers and employees in a rapidly changing business environment.

Ms. Bernice Yu

Project Manager
PCCW Limited


PCCW Solutions deployed SAP SuccessFactors for PCCW Group, transforming its HR practises through the next-generation HCM technology. The new cloud-based HR system is designed to digitalise HR processes and provide single source of employment data worldwide, accessible by all managers and employees and empower them to manage their own data and HR processes anywhere, at any time. A phased approach is adopted to implement the technical aspects for SAP SuccessFactors, integrating recruiting, onboarding, performance management, and employee central modules as the core HR platform.

Value created

With the comprehensive, cloud-based HR suite in place, paper-based HR processes have been reduced, while the move to the cloud is minimising overall IT support. HR data is unified to facilitate insightful analytics and data-driven decision-making. The performance and development tools enable managers and employees to articulate how their role fits into the overall strategic plan, facilitating employee engagement, productivity and success.


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