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Pizza Hut: Enhancing Customer Engagement with Augmented Reality Game

Company profile

Pizza Hut has been serving Hong Kong for over 30 years and its first restaurant was opened in 1981. The Hong Kong operation employs thousands of staff with over 100 outlets throughout Hong Kong and Macau, including takeaway and delivery services.


Pizza Hut planned an AR based entertaining game that would promote their delivery service in an innovative way. It aimed to let the customers feel involved with the environment in sense of augmented reality, in experiencing their fast delivery services virtually.

The AR game was a key component of Pizza Hut’s advanced Mini-Plate campaign. Its mission is to deliver high level of engagement and interactivity with customers in strengthening brand loyalty. PCCW Solutions was tasked with delivering a completely new game timely at launch, which would both support Pizza Hut’s business needs and give consumers a great AR experience.


PCCW Solutions has vast experience in implementing AR applications, assisted clients to adopt the AR technology in different forms for revamping their business. With strong capabilities and understanding of project requirements, PCCW Solutions developed the AR game within 2 months – from designing the game flow, AR development, 3D graphics production to quality assurance throughout the development cycle.

Value created

With positive market responses, Pizza Hut Hong Kong intends to extend the AR game to more outlets in Hong Kong. The touch point would enable the restaurant staff to interact more with the customers, encourage them to play the game in redeeming coupons for next visit. This will certainly help Pizza Hut further enhance customer engagement, acquire and retain more customers to solidify its market position.


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