Rackspace Hosting: Data Center Design and Build


Rackspace Hosting is a world leader and specialist in hosting. In 2008, responding to growing customer demand in Asia, Rackspace Hosting sought to open a data center in Hong Kong.

Due to high demand for data center space and a lack of sufficient supply in Hong Kong, it was difficult for Rackspace to find a data center in a suitable location, to the scale that they needed, within the timeframe that they need it.


PCCW Solutions was able to provide space in a new data center in Fo Tan that was in the final stages of construction, allowing Rackspace to add their own specifications to the final build. PCCW Solutions technical team impressed Rackspace with our experience, presentation, technical expertise and high resilience design of the data center from the first meeting, helping to build a solid foundation for a great business relationship between PCCW Solutions and Rackspace.

Rackspace was impressed by the speed and efficiency with which their data center was built and designed to their specifications. Rackspace officials have said that this was the fastest data center build they've seen outside of their home office in the U.S. Despite tight deadlines and schedules, PCCW Solutions was able to meet and exceed Rackspaces expectations.