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Shanghai Commercial Bank - iFlex Banking System


Due to changing regulations of foreign banks in China, Shanghai Commercial Bank sought to expand its business in China by setting up a branch in Shenzhen with full operations in the foreign currency banking business.

SCB needed a solution that addressed all immediate banking needs for foreign currency business operations within a short time frame, while combining system and support resources to form a cost effective solution that addressed future China operational needs.

The solution needed to be fully functional and China-ready, well proven in operation for foreign banks in China, with a high level of security and operational control while being cost effective. The solution also needed to be highly flexible and able to address and adjust to the ever changing market conditions and regulatory requirements in China, as well as scalable to support the expected growth in branches and business scope.


PCCW Solutions delivers a proven and comprehensive product suite that meets SCB's needs and supports future development directions and business growth.

Value created

Our total solution package for SCB boasts several key benefits. Among them is the low total cost of ownership of a world-class solution as the result of a modernized and high performance technology platform. The solution also provides a fast time-to-market with a comprehensive application suite that requires minimum effort and investment in enterprise integration, operation and maintenance. In addition, scalable architecture provides a highly reliable and efficient operating environment for seamless day-to-day mission critical operations. Above all, our solution provides a high performance, open and standardized system and networking platform based on solid benchmark tests and proven by 100 installations worldwide.