Shin Kong Life reduces internal operation processing time with digital tools

Company profile

Established in 1963, Shin Kong Life Insurance is guided by a corporate commitment to ‘benefiting humanity’, the principles of ‘innovation, service, integrity and giving back to society’ and a mission to make insurance coverage available to all. Shin Kong Life provides a variety of value-oriented life insurance products and services, meeting clients’ different insurance needs and career planning goals.


Shin Kong Life Insurance needs to improve inefficient paper-based sales processes from agents, underwriters, order transactions to claims. Teams within the organization worked with paper-based processes in silos, often times leading to duplication of tasks completed by other teams. This in turn led to longer claim processing times and high operational costs.

We were looking for ways to improve our process flows, and PCCW Solutions came in as a strategic partner and built a new Business Process Management System which helped us streamline our process flows, boosting our team’s efficiency and allowing us to focus more on innovatively serving our customers better.

KP Lin

Shin Kong Life Insurance


PCCW Solutions developed an intelligent business process management system to help simplify daily work processes for Shin Kong Life. The solution analyzes the organization’s existing processes to identify lapses and inefficiencies. The customizable business process management tool redefines overall workflows.

Value created

With the new business process management system in place, Shin Kong Life reduced the internal processing time of new sales orders by 25%. Digital tools and system flow control increased data accuracy and transparency shared amongst the team. With increased efficiencies, Shin Kong Life is set to enhance overall service levels to customers, leading to higher customer satisfaction.


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