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SOHO China - Online Property Leasing Platform

Company profile

Founded in 1995, SOHO China is the country’s largest real estate developer for Grade A office space, as well as the only developer that focuses solely on commercial properties. Its key businesses include the development, leasing, property management, and property investment of Grade A office spaces at prime locations in Beijing and Shanghai.


In the interest of seizing the long-term values of its property projects, SOHO China shifted its mode of operation from “build-to-sell” to “build-to-hold”. With the merging of e-commerce and real estate, the company hoped to, while integrating traditional business channels, expand to online real estate leasing business.

Furthermore, while real estate developers used to focus on acquiring lands to build properties, they have to consider more on the needs of consumers nowadays. In face of the rapid development of the Internet, SOHO China launched a brand new mobile platform of office leasing— SOHO 3Q.


This project was a new venture to both SOHO China and PCCW Solutions. PCCW Solutions was entrusted with the tasks of system development of the SOHO 3Q platform, which include total integration, website development, backend management system creation and mobile service application development. PCCW Solutions successfully built and implemented both the web-based and mobile-based applications and the respective backend management systems as required, and the project was smoothly launched as scheduled. This has not only earned PCCW Solutions well-deserved recognition from the client, but has also fully demonstrated its outstanding capabilities in system development and rich experience in project management.

Value created

With the creation of a brand new mobile platform of office leasing that implements membership management, content management, booking management, service management, and the set-up of an online leasing mechanism that supports office amenities introduction, office viewing reservation, services booking, online payment, funds reconciliation, financial management as well as other comprehensive business procedures link-up and monitoring, PCCW Solutions assisted SOHO China to expand to online real estate business, provided solid information technology support along the way, and in the end helped the enterprise achieve its business goal.


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