Taoyuan City Government Adopts Smart Lighting Solution to Drive Smart City Development


As the leading logistics, business and innovation hub, Taoyuan City aspires to become a top smart city and is committed to sustainable urban development. The city government needs strong supporting infrastructure to reduce energy consumption, improve governance efficiency and provide Taoyuan residents with smarter streetlights services.


To light the way for a smart city, Taoyuan City is seeking to empower the controlling of 40,000 streetlights simultaneously and individually, which involves sophisticated systems development and complex integration between a large number of lamp post connections and high controller connections. This large-scale project is under an aggressive delivery timeframe within one year.

PCCW Solutions, along with Far EasTone and other partners, is delighted to support Taoyuan City Government to improve energy efficiency with smart lighting solution, providing real-time responses to ensure optimal street lighting conditions for the residents through the integrated control platform.


PCCW Solutions partnered with Far EasTone Telecommunications and other parties to jointly deploy an end-to-end smart lighting solution for the Taoyuan City Government. A centralised IoT control platform is built for real-time remote monitoring and control of the streetlights, integrating IoT devices, LED streetlights, IT & communications technologies with the Taoyuan City Government’s existing systems. The extensive 4G and Narrow Band-IoT (NB-IoT) network coverage is leveraged to ensure high performance of the IoT platform.

Value created

Taoyuan City connects over 40,000 LED lamp posts to the networked IoT platform for centralised management and achieves over 70% energy consumption reduction. Streetlight failure cases have been shortened from 48 hours to less than 24 hours, with streetlight service rate remaining at above 99.7%. The smart lighting deployment significantly reduces energy consumption, while enhancing streetlights management, maintenance and troubleshooting efficiency, driving Taoyuan City towards the goal of realising a green and smart city.


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