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Tianjin Light Industry Equipment Institute: ConXerto Harmony - Collaborative Design Management System


The TianJin Light Industry Equipment Institute, a developer and manufacturer of vending machines, depends on fault-free scheduling and information exchange for its production process, quality control and project management. The traditional methods of experience-based management does not always suit contemporary business development, especially with regard to fast tracking advanced technology and 'informatization' - an urgent issue for many enterprises. ConXerto Harmony provides a virtual environment for collaboration and helps customers to address this issue.

In early 2003, we first learned of ConXerto Harmony, the collaborative design management system product software. ConXerto Harmony provides a virtual environment for collaboration work on new product development. This allows business customers, designers, engineers as well as administrators to share information, revise product design via the virtual workspace. As a result, this enables effective product development for enterprises and thus a smooth business process. As staff can work closely and seamlessly, this helps enterprises to realise an effective and faultless business process as well as fast track the pace to 'informatization'. Finally, this will enhance the overall productivity and cost effectiveness for the business.

Mr. Wang Lian-dong

Director TianJin Light Industry Equipment Institute


Collaborative commerce is new to the PRC, and PCCW Solutions was facing the challenge of promoting the concept to the customer. It was also PCCW Solutions' first home-grown product implementation in mainland China. During the implementation process, PCCW Solutions learned to adapt to the special enterprise culture and partnership of the customer.


PCCW Solutions provided TianJin Light Industry Equipment Institute with ConXerto Harmony, a solution which involved Document Management, Project Management, Workflow Management, Community Management, BOM (Bills of Material) and Collaborative Services to meet the customer's business needs.

PCCW Solutions was able to boost customer confidence by showing the Company's wide experience in the area of collaborative commerce in Hong Kong, as well as its committed research and development resources, excellent after-sales support, and competitive pricing.

Value created

  • Time-to-market for all new product development/improvement process
  • Increase collaborative efforts to meet the growing competition, both locally and globally
  • Enhance coordinating efforts from partners all over the world, closing the gap on time and geographical barriers
  • Minimise unnecessary product development/improvement cost and time
  • Lower operating cost for manufacturers
  • Enhance management overview of the overall process for monitoring or taking action before problems arise