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Watsons Water Digitalises Warehouse Operation with RFID Technology

Company profile

Watsons Water is the largest manufacturer of pure distilled water in the world. It started to produce pure distilled water in Hong Kong in 1903, since then it has established itself as the market leader. Watsons Water maintains over 25% market share of the bottled distilled market in Hong Kong, which reflects its huge demand for efficient warehouse operation.


Regarding warehouse operations and management of the trucks’ traffic flow at the loading facility, Watsons Water came across challenges including inefficient operations and goods mismatching due to manual procedures, as well as low visibility of loading order status.

The digital deployment by PCCW Solutions team has transformed our warehouse operations. The RFID and other smart technologies empowered the process automation and efficient operation, enabling us to enhance the productivity and reduce operational costs.

Richard Li

Senior Information Technology Manager Watsons Water Ltd.


PCCW Solutions helped Watsons Water to build the RFID-enabled queuing and loading management system, from hardware installation and software deployment to technical consulting and professional services. The RFID-enabled queuing and loading management system serves as the central control system, integrating the RFID devices, registration kiosk system, loading and unloading activities on a common platform to automate the workflow of Watsons Water’s warehouse operation.

Value created

The automated truck queuing and loading system automated the queuing process, improved the loading efficiency and accuracy, and overall enabled Watsons Water to have a more robust operation. The system enabled the collection of real-time data, which not only provides the operation staff with immediate insight to make informed decisions quickly, but also allows Watsons Water’s management to monitor and further optimise the operation.


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