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William Marsh & Company Limited: RFID Forklift and End-to-End Warehouse Solutions

Company profile

William Marsh & Company Limited is a Hong Kong-based global supply chain firm providing strategic operating solutions to the construction sectors. All the planning and logistics operations are directed from their centre of operations located in Marsh Engineering Center in Hangzhou, China.

We are pleased to partner with PCCW Solutions to implement our first RFID-enabled warehouse management system. The automated system streamlined our workflow to distribute products in high quality and customer satisfaction. The total RFID solution delivers great value to improve our operational efficiency, safety and accuracy.

Jason Ho

CTOWilliam Marsh & Company Limited


William Marsh has expanded its product portfolio for provision of ceramic sanitary ware, counter tops, bathroom accessories, faucets, plumbing fittings and construction components. To cope with business expansion, William Marsh needed to modernise its warehouse operation and implement First-In, First-Out (FIFO) inventory management system for quality assurance and greater efficiency.


PCCW Solutions was appointed to build the comprehensive warehouse management system for William Marsh. The solutions were implemented to build the world-class sanitary ware quality assurance centre in Hangzhou, with 15,000m² for handling over 20,000 pieces of item per month. With the RFID-enabled storage and inventory management solution developed for ceramic-tile products, William Marsh’s warehouse is now equipped with the means to automatically and effectively pick good-quality items in FIFO manner for shipment.

Value created

Through RFID-enabled forklifts and mobile handheld solutions, product safety has been enhanced signicantly with high level of quality checking. The company’s warehouse staff can now pick the right items efficiently and promptly, at the right locations. With the unique identification and multi-readability of RFID technology, each tagged item can be automatically detected and monitored when it passes through the RFID gateway. It can greatly improve the visibility of item management and track-and-trace in real-time manner.


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